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Overcome your fear of public speaking!

You're a smart, successful professional with key information to share with stakeholders. From pitches to sales talks, team meetings to keynotes, board presentations to panels, you should be a natural at speaking dynamically. So why are you struggling with performance anxiety?

Fear of public speaking is the most common of all phobias. It's a form of performance anxiety in which a person becomes very concerned that he or she will look visibly anxious, maybe even have a panic attack while speaking. Over time, people try to protect themselves by either avoiding public speaking or by struggling against speech anxiety. In this way, people get Tricked into making the fear of public speaking more chronic and disruptive.

Some people do this with avoidance. They choose college coursework in such a way as to avoid public speaking, rather than taking the classes they want. At work, they pass up promotions and assignments which would require speaking. The fear of public speaking may even lead people to choose a career that doesn't call for public speaking, rather than one they want. This is often the case with people who have feared public speaking from a very young age.

Others don't go that far, but will go to great lengths to avoid making presentations, or even just having to speak at a meeting. They may deliberately arrive late, hoping to miss the customary introductions ("let's go around and introduce ourselves...").

Many others will gamely accept an assignment and show up to give a speech when it's important to their career. But they try to get through those situations without feeling afraid. They focus on what they feel, rather than on the message they've come to deliver. This is often the case with people whose fear of public speaking developed later in life. The more successful they become in their career, the more they are called upon to share their expertise with groups, and the more anxious they become.

Stage fright can erode your peace of mind, undermine your confidence, and keep your voice from being heard. It may even be holding you back professionally. But overcoming fear of public speaking is easier than you think! You can do so by understanding stage fright while gaining a laser focus on effective performance.


In-Person or Online Coaching for Stage Fright


That's exactly why I created my course. If you want to eliminate anxiety and gain confidence, this course is for you. I am Now Fearless Speaking's in-person or live 1:1 online coaching is customized to your experiences with speaking fear. This course has helped thousands of people worldwide grow their confidence and become more effective communicators! It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE as a speaker if you identify with any of these situations:

  • I'm okay speaking to small groups, but experience anxiety in front of large audiences.

  • I've been presenting for years, but always with a great deal of fear.

  • I have terrible stage fright, sometimes for days or weeks before I have to speak.

  • As a CEO, I'm suddenly dealing with performance anxiety I've never experienced before.

  • I seem to have lost my edge, and I find myself wondering if it's going to get worse.

  • I avoid speaking situations, and my boss is noticing.

  • My heart feels like it's going to leap out of my chest, and I forget to breathe!

  • I've had moments of panic recently, and now I'm afraid it's going to keep happening.

  • I want to communicate without the crippling fear taking over my life.

  • I had a bad speaking experience, and now I keep worrying it will happen again.

  • Fear makes me lose my train of thought. Sometimes I go completely blank.

  • I think I need help with both my fear and my ability to perform with excellence.

Don’t let your fear of public speaking paralyses you

Conquer your stage fright at last!

We all experience nerves when public speaking. It’s totally normal, healthy even!

But what about when your nerves and anxiety get the better of you?

I’ve been there before – the shaking hands, the hyperventilating, the sweaty palms, and the gurgling stomach that threatens to bring your lunch back up to say ‘hello’. Yes, I’ve been there.

And I used to HATE public speaking because of it – I thought ‘Public speaking isn’t for me because I’m TERRIBLE at it.’

But like you, when I fear something, I face it. So I enrolled in a communication skills course – where I discovered public speaking was a SKILL I could LEARN. And with those skills, slowly – my confidence grew.

But skill only took me so far. What really catapulted me forward was the realization that…

The biggest secret to being a great public speaker is not your skill, it’s 80% psychology and only 20% skill.


Since that discovery, and learning to control my psychology, I’ve helped thousands of people from all over the world build their confidence and overcome their fear of public speaking.

I’ve spoken to rooms of 10 to 500+ people at a time with complete confidence at businesses, schools and conferences both in Australia and internationally – and I love it! So I know it’s something you can love too, if you just had the right course and practical tools to do it!

Which is why I’ve put together a course to tackle the psychological aspects of public speaking – head on.


Even if you have a great presentation or speech written out; you know exactly what to say, and how to say it…

…if your mindset isn’t right, it’ll sabotage all the hard work you already put in. I know this both personally, and professionally. and I’ve worked with a lot of high-achieving professionals who are all excellent at their jobs, but when their mindset and beliefs around public speaking aren’t aligned, it holds them back from making an impact and leaving their audience wanting more.

 This course will show you how to overcome you fear of public speaking by giving you the ultimate techniques that actually work!


Imagine the feeling of stepping in front of a large auditorium full of people, all looking at you, and all you feel is confidence and excitement. If you are ready to put your fears behind you and start feeling more confident speaking in public, then this course is for you!

Start To Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking Today!


Throughout your life there are going to be many occasions where you will be required to speak in front of a crowd or large audience. Weddings, funerals, birthday party’s, meetings, committee’s, the list goes on. Regardless of whether you are addressing 5 people or 500, unless you take action to rectify this behavior, you are always going to feel nervous or scared. This course will show you how to do beat those nerves forever!

The Topics We'll Cover Together

Understanding Your Fear of Public Speaking


  • Overcoming speech anxiety will change your life

  • Causes of speaking fear

  • Matching fear reduction techniques to your situation


Transforming Negative Thinking Into Confidence


  • Eliminating worst-case thinking

  • Developing positive coping statements

  • Directing your thinking into productive channels


Breathing Techniques for Relaxation and Control


  • Progressive relaxation

  • The Virtual Vacation

  • Diaphragmatic breathing


Using Body Language in Public Speaking


  • Grounding for stability and confidence

  • Entering your performance space and greeting audiences

  • Gestures: Suiting the action to the word

  • Checklists for body language and use of space


Focus, Relaxation, and Mindfulness


  • Focused relaxation

  • Exercises for mindfulness

  • 10 ways to stay fully focused and present while speaking


Using Positive Visualization


  • The Actor’s Box exercise

  • The Spotlight Techniques

  • Writing your fears away

  • Your Command Performance Movie


Reducing Nervousness While Speaking


  • The Two Universes exercise

  • Getting comfortable with your own body

  • 6 More Ways to Reduce Nervousness


Biofeedback for Physical Symptoms


  • Calming the Heart

  • Closing the Stress Gate

  • The Healing Breath

  • Strategies for Panic Attacks

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