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Today's Episode is all about the importance of counting your blessings. Ever wondered why gratitude was so important? Today's episode on counting your blessings explains why you should be counting your blessings every day. Make sure you like this episode 💖and Subscribe to follow us so that you do not miss a single episode. 🤩

We all moan and groan at sometime or another about our lives simply because no matter what we have in life we are never satisfied with and are always looking for something better. How often do we actually sit down and say thank you for what life has given us? For the majority of Americans, Thanksgiving day is about the only time when we think about what’s actually important in life and why we should count our blessings. Happiness in life isn’t about material possessions and money its about the small everyday things that so very often the majority of us take for granted, we are all blessed no matter what walk of life we come from, we all should count our blessings and say thank you for what we have instead of dwelling on what we don’t.

Saying thank you From the moment you awaken you should give thanks for what you have, waking up beside your partner whom you cherish and love, turning to them and saying “thank you” makes a great start to the day, “thank you” for loving me, for being there for me, just for being you”. This is the person you worship and adore and who you are lucky enough to wake up beside every morning and this alone makes you one of the richest people on earth and is good enough reason to count your blessings each and every morning.

Blessings can be found in the smallest of things There are many things that happen throughout your day which we don’t pay attention to but which are blessings and some can even occur as blessings in disguise. It is important to be more aware of what is happening in our lives and appreciate all the little things that can often pass us by without us giving them too much thought. Very often it is the smallest things in life that can bring the greatest joy to us, these are some of the highlights of our life that we should cherish and give thanks for each and every day.

List your blessings If you sit down and clear your mind and stop and think about what blessings you have in your life and aim to list 5 of them and you will undoubtedly start thinking about what you have in life you will be able to list a whole lot more than just 5. While you may think that you haven’t anything to be thankful for, you will find if you think about it you are wrong, perhaps for you it’s the sound of your grandchild or child’s laughter and joy at spending time with you, it could be an unexpected phone call from a friend, lover, son, daughter, mother or father, just to say hi, sitting down to a family meal and swapping stories about your day went. All these are the little joys of life the ones that make life special and meaningful and which thanks should be said, they are the true blessings, it isn’t about how much money you have in the bank, how big your wardrobe is, having the latest gadgets, or that new car.

All of these things are merely material possessions and while they may bring a smile to our face and make us feel good they are not true blessings, sure it feels good be financially secure but if you aren’t then it doesn’t mean that you aren’t rich in many other ways. In fact many people who are on the bread line are very often richer and are able to count many more blessings than those with a huge bank account.

😍 Do what brings you joy. This is your one and only life, so have fun and live it to the fullest. Quit being a wallflower. You get what every one else gets, you get a life. Go out and start living your dreams!

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