Llynne Switzer - Your Superstar Fairy Godmother!

A Personal Message from LLynne...

I believe that you get what every body else gets, You get a life, Use it well! 

Let me ask you this, how would it change your life if you could accomplish any goal, create any dream, or manifest any miracle in your life quickly and easily? Would that be a game changer for you? It has been for hundreds of my clients over the past 5 years. I would love to show you just how easy it can be.​

Quit being a wallflower and live out your dreams. What are you waiting for? ​​​

My job as a coach is to simply be an amazing and supportive facilitator using my training, personality and my innate genius skills to help others live a life they create and love. I look forward to helping guide you through this current phase of life, transitioning to a new, and hopefully better life.

As an accomplished entrepreneur and small business success coach, I’ve helped hundreds of people become crystal clear about what they want for their professional life, as well as develop and implement a successful step by step plan to accomplish that dream. I can do the same for you.

I have a very strong intuitive or natural sense of something beyond what we see, feel, and experience. I feel, see, and understand implicitly the energy, a force, perhaps it’s even a spiritual beings that transcends and unites all form and all life. I understand and coach on how to effectively use the Laws of the universe to your advantage. As a result, I can help you improve your relationship with yourself and others, connect to your life at a higher level, and achieve what you want in life.

I promise that as your coach and Fairy Godmother, I will:

*Listen to you

*Unconditionally support you

*Help you get crystal clear about what you want right now and in your life going forward

*Help you take action to make those changes and turn those dreams into a reality

*I will hold your hand every step of the way, making sure by holding you accountable so that you take the action steps needed that we come up with together to help make your dream a reality.

* I will support you as well through the transitions that come up during this time*I will help you deal with the negativity and other items that you may have in your life preventing you from accomplishing your goal.

Llynne Switzer - Career Highlights


*Masters Degree Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

*Masters in Positive Behavioral Therapy

*Bachelors in Small Business Management and online marketing.


* Master Hypnotherapist

*Confidence, Self Worth and Happiness Master Coach

*Optimized Life /Success Master Coach

*Transformation Mindset Coach

*Intuitive Law Of Attraction Coach

*Neuro-Linguistic- Programming Coach

*EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Tapping (Also sometimes known as “The Tapping Solution”) Practitioner Coach

*Wounded Inner Child Therapy Coach

*Financial Prosperity and Abundance Coach

*Holistic Small business Success Master Coach

*Leadership, productivity, and Time Management Coach

*Small Business and Entrepreneurial Success Coach

* Social Media Marketing

*Basic Website design

*Marketing Copy Coach

*SEO/ SEM Coach

*Executive and Corporate Mindset Transformation Coaching

*Certified Meditation and Visualization teacher and Master Spiritual Evolution Coach

Personal Statement: By choosing me you get a published author, copywriter, blogger, Vlogger, website designer, affiliate marketer, analyst, motivational speaker, radio show host, and social media strategist.

I have created, grown, and sold 2 businesses worth more than half a million dollars each.

I also have a magnificent manifestation personal record that is beyond compare. I am highly emphatic and feel that empowering someone and teaching someone to have a life they love is why I am here on this planet.


  Text: 505-333-8334

 Operating  Hours (MST):

Thurs- Fri: 11 am-7 pm,​​

Saturday: 11 am-4 pm, ​

Sunday: 9 am-3 pm

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