Some simple steps for starting and mastering attraction marketing!

Working from home or building an online business? Have you heard of the term 'Attraction Marketing' in your research on how to make your business successful or how to find quality clients for your business? Wondering how it works?

Your in luck because this blog post explains exactly what Attraction Marketing is, why you need it to succeed online in today's world, and insert a very simple '3-Step Attraction Marketing Plan' into your current online business marketing attempts to attract more quality buyers, clients, and customers FAST!


'Attraction Marketing' is usually defined as a marketing strategy that ATTRACTS Clients and customers to you directly who already want to purchase what you have to offer.

The main concepts of attraction marketing when used as a primary marketing strategy will benefit you by setting your brand apart, clearly express your target markets' needs and wants, and allows you to recognize them and provide better service to them because you understand them better than the competition.

It always contains one key element, always making sure that you are giving value with every piece of content that you put out and and offering something for free in your CTA (Call to action) to pull prospective leads into your pipeline.

Keep in mind that the key component here is the whole ‘attraction’ part. the whole reason you need to grab people's attention at a sub- conscious level so that they see you as an expert and take action because they know that you are the only one who can help them solve their problem.

Essentially, you are giving away value before you take their money. By placing valuable content into the wonders of the web, with the belief that you are going to attract the right people to you, you have already changed the playing field and risen above the competition. When I say giving, I don’t mean the product itself that you have worked so hard on, simply valuable knowledge or information that your target market would find helpful about their issue or problem that they are currently experiencing. This helps your ideal client make a wise and informed choice that you are the expert that needs to help them immediately.

Your ideal clients are people as well. keep in mind that on average, people do not like being sold anything! Oh my goodness however, especially here in the United States, people of all types do still love to buy all sorts of things everyday. When you can use attraction marketing successfully, the more valuable content that you put out to your ideal target market, it always develops a certain level of trust subconsciously for you, your product or service, and especially for your business and brand.

These people will also recommend you to their friends who have the same issues because YOU are the trusted solution for their problems, instead of an annoying and pushy salesman.

By properly utilizing correct attraction marketing techniques, you always lead with amazing value and are effortlessly attracting an audience to your business, your brand, yourself, and your marketing channel. You are consistently offering these people the solutions they are currently looking for the issue at hand. This can include, but definitely is not limited to this small list of simply how-to’s, interesting and relevant information, and entertaining and valuable content.

Remember that when a potential customer or client, realizes that they have a problem, they want information and guidance from someone that they can trust. The last thing at that moment in time is them being interested in the products or services that you are offering. They are simply looking for reliable information and quick and easy solutions to help them solve that problem.

When you start to focus on the first steps of attraction marketing, one of the first things to remember is to be completely crystal clear and focused on what your target niche is, and who you are targeting for your ideal client. When this happens, you can make sure that you do indeed have the solutions to their problems they are looking for quickly and easily, so they won’t have to look onward toward your competition for the answers that they need.

What Is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing is definitely not a new concept to the marketing industry. People who sell things every where have been doing it for decades.

When you boil it down to it's most basic explanation, It can be explained as a way of attractively communicating, which defiantly helps to generate high quality leads for your product or service and will always increase conversion rates, when this happens, it results in more sales.

In today's technological advanced world, much of our marketing and selling occur online. We can buy everything from toilet paper and dog food to high end clothing and cars with just a click of a button on our smartphones, tablets, or computers. Today, the face-to-face element is completely overlooked and neglected when marketing because we have been taught that we must learn a new skill set that involves content writing and landing pages. So we make the content and landing page attractive to the reader by using video, info-graphics, memes, articles, blog post, evaluating every word choice, and making sure that is packed with valuable information on how the reader will reap the rewards from taking the advised and relevant action to solve their problem.

Wondering how to master attraction marketing? Keep reading...

Here are five simple ways you can master attraction marketing.

1. Educate with your knowledge

Like I said many times before in this blog, attraction marketing is all about educating your ideal clients or customers. First, let them LEARN about your knowledge and how you product or service can help them with their problem. Doing this is simple, you have to educate with your knowledge about the problem that your ideal client has. Remember to make sure that when you are discussing your product at last, you definitely hit on all of its ts admirable points and how it can be used to address specific customer pain points due to the problem they have immediately.

2. Earn trust FIRST!

I know that beyond a shadow of a doubt that trust wins, all the time. In fact, when you use correct procedures in attraction marketing, it is the only thing that always wins the new client.

Your client or customer, new or old, only will buy from a brand or seller who they believe is truly authentic and very trustworthy, so make sure that you adjust and portray your marketing message to your ideal audience in an authentic and trustworthy way.

3. Be authentic

In marketing and branding, authenticity has a place but demands a high price. Clients and customers will pay for brands which have automatic trust and authenticity without blinking. Think about some of the top name brands...Adidas, Apple and Amazon, Nike, LG, Microsoft – they are all expected and trusted to deliver the goods promptly. Use them as inspiration.

4. Be social, engaging, and responsive

Social media plays a big role in today's world deepening the reach of your work at home or online businesses. Kim Harris, who writes for the Huffington Post, shared an article that stated that by communicating and connecting with your customers on a consistent basis, you have mastered one of the most fundamental rules of attraction marketing and you stay top of mind for fixing their problem .

5. Generate and distribute content

As you know, content now a days can come in many forms like perhaps a long-form blog, info-graphics, creative banner images, videos or anything that customers can consume to know about your knowledge and solution about the problem they are currently experiencing and looking for relief. When you work with attraction marketing, it's a good idea to re purpose already existing content. By doing this you can gain maximum visibility for each piece of content that you create. Remember, People who are viewing your content want to know ‘how’ and ‘why’ more than anything else.

Final words

In my opinion, the best new clients or sales prospects for for your product are the ones who came looking for you. You see, the great thing about attraction marketing is that it makes it easy for your ideal clients or customers to understand about your service or your product and assess its value through legitimate non confrontational means.

Attraction marketing improves engagement, and as an end result, increases sales.

I know that the key to success when using attraction marketing lies in having a genuine interest and understanding in customers, buying habits, and their needs and perhaps even their desires. Your attraction marketing strategy must always be prepared to address such needs head-on without any hidden agendas in mind.

The business needs of profitability and sales will happen once customers are convinced about the fact that you are an expert in their problem and your product or service is their solution.

In essence: attraction marketing is the best way to move forward if you are wanting to get high quality leads who want to work or buy from you becomes your top priority.

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