Just imagine for a moment that you can create your reality. That you can get whatever you want. That you can manifest anything. How wonderful would your life be?

Manifest whatever you wish!

Well, the truth is that you can do all these things: you are indeed able to manifest whatever you want. You want proof? If you look around you now, how much of what you see is the product of your own decisions, your choices, your beliefs about yourself?

Almost everything. And those things which you cannot explain – the negative stuff, the adversity, the misfortune – believe it or not, even that is the product of choices and decisions you’ve made at some level, at some time. Our thoughts and our emotions create our reality in way that most people will never truly grasp. 

But for those who do grasp that amazing concept... Life becomes an amazing surreal experience filled with joy, prosperity, and more!

Let’s back up just a bit. I am sure that by now you have heard of the Law of Attraction.

But, to make sure we all are on the same page, “The law of attraction is the attractive, magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together. It manifests through the power of emotional creation, everywhere and in many ways. Even the law of gravity is part of the law of attraction. This law attracts thoughts, ideas, people, situations and circumstances 24/7.It can not be bargained with, It can not be reasoned with. It has very strict guidelines. It is one of the main Laws of the Multi-verse.”

Now this amazing law can cause you chaos, poverty,emotional pain, fear, and sickness  or it can give you prosperity, fabulous health, perfect relationships, unbridled happiness, and more. It all depends on what is programmed into your subconscious mind.

With the Law of Attraction, life can ultimately be defined as this; we are the masters of our own universe. Your life and your happiness is completely in your hands and your hands alone. However, for those who come to recognize the remarkable possibilities that are available to us, they recognize that reality is an illusion that we create, we can rejoice knowing that our lives have been forever changed for the better.

​To begin understanding the Law of Attraction and our involvement in it, think of everything around us as being possible movements of consciousness that we are continually filling with our thoughts and emotions, bringing them into manifestation around us. It is important that we come to recognize that the world is not independent of our thoughts and experiences; instead, it is subject to our minds which are creating what we see around us every second of every day.

You see, our reality is an illusion that we have created.The work of modern quantum physicists will suggest that everything in our surrounding universe has stemmed from thought; with the human brain functioning as the direct power source of everything we experience and see.

With this knowledge, if you too are made up of ever-present and ever-changing energy, and our thoughts and emotions create our reality, where is there an end to what we are capable of achieving? Psychology shows us that we limit ourselves with our own fears, perceptions and experiences. How are you limiting yourself in your everyday life? Anytime we feel sad, afraid, angry, frustrated, or any other negative emotion in our life we are limiting our-self and our reality.

Look at life like this, You should be able to imagine yourself as a power transmitter – continually emitting frequencies into the Universe. It is this frequency that you emit that is what you attract and receive back from the Universe into your own life, but in much larger quantities and different people, scenarios, and things.

This highlights why it can be so important to learn how to take control over your thoughts and the emotional frequencies emitted, as it can help to choose which direction your life can take.

Don’t ever forget what you are truly capable of. You are the author of your own life story, the painter of your own masterpiece, the sculptor of your own Universe. Do what you were put on this earth to do – live out your dreams!

If you have attempted to use the law and have not seen the results you’ve been craving, don’t get discouraged. We have all been pre-programmed and inundated with bad paradigms that take time and persistence to change. The subconscious mind moves slowly and in order to effect lasting change one must be willing to put in the required effort. Your subconscious mind was programmed over a period of many years and will take time and effort to repair.

For most, it’s best to have a coach or a teacher that can guide you through the transformation process. That’s why our amazing coaches, mentors, and hypnotherapists are now offering a no obligation 45 min session to help get you started. Everyone has different goals but the secret to achieving the life you desire starts with training your subconscious mind to serve you, rather than hinder your growth. During our coaching session we will provide you valuable affirmations, tips, and resources that will guide you along the way. If your goal is to be more successful in life, business, sports, or relationships the The Secret Law of Attraction can help you succeed.

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